Welcome to KBSI

It has been the dream of K. Sathyanarayanan fondly referred as KeyboardSathya and his family to try and guide, spread the way of he performs Carnatic Music, in particular to people who are interested in this particular art. He is a renowned performing artiste on this Instrument with many first to his credits being one of the Youngest to get “Kalaimamani”  Award, Tammil Nadu State Goverments’s Recognition for his experience as a performer from his age of 6, one of the first A Grade artiste of All India Radio and to be the first Keyboard artiste to be in the Empanelment list of artists under Keyboard category of ICCR, both being India’s premium forums recognising Music forms.

Taking his first lessons from his mother Smt. K. Lalitha and his maternal grand father Sangeetha Bhushanam Shri Embar S. Sadagopan, KeyboardSathya is blessed to be under the tutelage Padma Shree Awardee, Sangeetha kalanidhi, Asthana Vidhushi of TTD Kum. A. Kanyakumari amma and has been blessed to be under the tutelage of Padma Vibhushan Dr. M. Balakrishna, Padmshree Awardee Shri Mandolin U Shrinivas as well. have been under the tutelage of Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna

Based on Sathya’s experience and techniques his parents Shri T. Krishnababu & Smt. K. Lalitha along with Sri Adyar D. Balasubramani – a Nadaswaram Vidwan have come together to propagate this concept of Carnatic Music on Keyboard and has been successfully guiding for the past 6 years. Shri Vijay Ganesan has also joined this Team Kbsi from October, 2017 which guides/teaches the music aspirants.  The study is supervised / guided by Sathya and all inputs are taken from him and streamlined to the requirements.

Classes are taken at our residence and also on Skype. While we have started off with Keyboard, Vocal lessons we are in the process of adding Nadaswaram, Mrudhangam, Tabla and other instruments as well for training with experienced hands. Please do contact us at kbsinculcation (at) gmail.com or keyboardsathya (at) gmail.com and we will be happy to coordinate for the classes. It will be on individual one to one teaching / guiding methodology which we are sure will help music learners tremendously!

you can also visit us in Facebook under kbsinculcation.

Looking forward to interacting with you and let us come together, move forward in this Unique Journey of Music which is our common interest!

13 Responses to Welcome to KBSI

  1. Mohan Chari -Melbourne says:

    Dear Krishna Babu,

    Thanks for the links you provided for basic lessons. I have been trying to contact my cousin for the bank transfer of advance tuition fee . But unable to get him. Can you please send your address and home phone no if any . I will make arrangements to pay . I have couple of questions regarding the classes
    1) what day will suit for you . Is Thursday is ok for you and the time you mentioned is Indian time 3.30 to 5 . Is this correct
    2 ) On Tuesday i will start my university classes at 12 noon my time. That will be 6.30 your time. I am not sure whether early morning will suit you . Which means around 5 a.m your time.
    3) Can you take the class from Coimbatore through skype ?
    3 ) when are you return back to Madras.
    4 ) Going forward how will I get my weekly lessons . Will it be through your website or will you email me ?
    5 ) can you please send the lessons in advance so that I can download and print it
    6) What is the best phone no I can contact you

    Mohan Chari

  2. ahilaj says:

    I ant to learn carnatic music in keyboard. do you have structured lessons? or do you have online classes? what is the duration and fees? I have learnt vocal carnatic music.




    Sir, Great you are imparting knowledge on keyboard, can you specify what will be cost of each online class.Is there any need for attending in person atleast once in chennai for firsthand appraisal and to learn techniques.

    • Thanks for your message and first of all Sorry for the delay in replying.

      Please call Krishnababu, self on +919444390193 for details or if you can give your number i will be in touch.

      Skype online classes are done and yes it is always ideal if you can come in person as this is the best way. We do have over 15 students on skype all over the world and we hope to be of some help to you as well.

      please adv where you are from and if possible drop in once to take this forward.

      With best regards T. Krishnbabu

  4. Latha says:

    Pls inform about your online classes. Also pls inform whether and when you come to perform in kochi/ernakulam

    • Thanks for your visit to our blog.

      Online sessions are done and request you to kindly contact us on +91 9444390193 to take it forward.

      We would be really happy to perform in Kochi/ Ernakulam as and when we get an opportunity to perform in the specified place.

      With best regards Kb

  5. ahilaj says:

    Do you send students for keyboard Carnatic music exam? Which exam?

    Mrs. Jeyram
    Email jeyramahila@gmail.com

  6. Thirum says:

    Hi, like to enroll to music class after attending you session in PMI workshop at hotel Hilton

  7. Narayani says:

    My grand son is 5yrs completed .would like to put him under your teaching.we are staying in Valasarawakkam. Pl advice
    Narayani Balakrishnan

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