Notation of Jantai Varisaigal

Please note following is the corresponding fingers for the Number specified and are based on using Right Hand to play the melody on Keyboard.

1. use Thumb
2. use Index finger
3. use Middle finger
4. use Ring finger
5. use Small finger

Janta Varisai 1 & 2 Janta Varisai 3 Janta Varisai 4 Janta Varisai 5 Janta Varisai 6 Janta Varisai 7 Janta Varisai 8 Janta Varisai 9

2 Responses to Notation of Jantai Varisaigal

  1. Sri says:

    Thanks for the notations. Here the fingering is different from the standard fingering that was prescribed for the sarali varisai. Please clarify

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