Notations of Sarali Vaisai

Please note following is the corresponding fingers for the Number specified and are based on using Right Hand to play the melody on Keyboard.

1. use Thumb
2. use Index finger
3. use Middle finger
4. use Ring finger
5. use Small finger

Basic Lessons Sarali Varisaigal – Notation with finger numbers

Please get to the above link and we have detailed the sarali varisai format to be played with recommended finger number for each note / exercise mentioned for the first speed of all exercises.

We have also given the format for different speeds including the mixed speeds in one cycle / avardhanam for each exercise.

Sarali Varisaigal 1-3Sarali Varisaigal 4-6Sarali Varisaigal 7-9Sarali Varisaigal 10-12Sarali Varisaigal 13 & 14


2 Responses to Notations of Sarali Vaisai

  1. Not able to practice datuvarisai in harmonium. Get stuck with cross fingering.

    • in Harmonium you need to apply four finger style of playing. However if its modern instrument with little soft keys you can use five finger technic followed on keyboard style.

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